Degi, I heard you were born in Mongolia and live in Singapore. Mongolia has two regions, one independent and the other ruled by China. Which part were you born in? I was born in independent Mongolia (the former Mongolian People’s Republic); the other place is Inner Mongolia, now a province of China. I visit Singapore to record, but I don’t live there. Why did you take up the violin? It is a long story. When I was in kindergarten, teachers from the Music Conservatory were scouting for potential musical talent. They tested for musical skills, including our physique, especially checking…

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Mongol Messenger – Fiddling while fame burns

Degi (Delgertsetseg) is Mongolia’s best-known fiddler, enthralling concertgoers and dinner parties alike for years with her interpretation of Mongolian standards. Her understated style distinguishes her from Vanessa Mae, the fiddler who has been wowing the western pop scene for a similar length of time. Degi usually plays solo, with a recorded backing; her act lacks the theatricality of Vanessa Mae. Degi, too, is as easy on the eye as on the ear, but goes for understated grace rather than flamboyance. She prefers the audience to listen rather than watch. One foreigner called her “the incredibly good one who looks so…

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For all these years, after playing my violin, I am very happy to be known as Mongolia's best-known violin player/fiddler, and for international community. I was classically trained in Ulaanbaatar for 12 years and spent a further 3 years...




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